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dianaDesainnya bagus banget..... Uniqe.... dan yang pasti ramah lingkungan Smile... trimakasih de tanjung.....

Diana Ernawati

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Support Children Education

BeasiswaDe Tanjung support children education by giving scholarship and scool equipment.

Community Empowerment

komunitasDe Tanjung empower women communities at Banjararum village and Sukun women prison in Malang as part time worker.

Reuse And Recycle

recycled valuesDe Tanjung recycle some waste such us used bottles, fabries, cartons, glass etc to be a unique and beautiful handcrafts.

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Dewi Tanjung from Indonesia talks Feb. 2, 2012, about the U.S. Department of State and Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Entrepreneurship Partnership Global Cohort at Thunderbird School of Global Management.

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IDE BISNIS Magazine Cover

cover ide bisnisDewi Tanjuung was choosen as Ide Bisnis Magazine Cover for April Edition. In this report, Sher share some succes journey and tips.

10.000 Women Global Cohort

WomenDewi tanjung is choosen as one of 10.000 Women Global Cohort follow in Arizona, USA. she was facilitated by goldman sach and US government to achieve scholarship at Thunderbird, School of Global Management